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Eight Reason Women Should Consider CoQ10 Supplements

Coenzyme Q10 may not be on every woman’s list of crucial supplements, but there’s plenty of evidence that it should be.

CoQ10 is a natural vitamin-like substance that is found in the mitochondria, or “power plant”, of every cell in the body. Its primary function is facilitating the production of energy at the cellular level, but it plays many other roles as well.

The coenzyme is essential to everyone for good health at all ages, but there are many ways in which it’s particularly beneficial for women. And because the body’s production of the coenzyme generally peaks during the twenties and drops off sharply as we age, supplementation is something that older women should consider. Here are several good reasons why.


1. It can help you stay healthier longer. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant capable of preventing and even repairing the damage caused by free radicals, chemically imbalanced molecules that are created as a byproduct of cellular oxidation. Because free radical damage is strongly associated with virtually all age-related diseases and conditions, antioxidants are often described as anti aging supplements.


2. It can keep your skin looking and feeling younger. As our bodies produce less of the coenzyme, production of important skin molecules like collagen and elastin are also diminished, leaving the skin more vulnerable to wrinkles and age spots.


3. It can contribute to healthier pregnancies. Pregnant women with low levels of CoQ10 are at greater risk of serious complications, including life-threatening conditions such as pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.


4. It can make menopause easier and more comfortable. Studies of meopausal women indicate that supplemental CoQ10 helped alleviate many of the most uncomfortable physical aspects of menopause, including headaches, low energy, hot flashes, and night sweats.


5. It can help you lose weight. CoQ10 improves the efficiency of all body systems, including the metabolism, and studies show that people with high levels of the coenzyme lost weight faster and easier than those who were deficient in CoQ10.


6. It can help keep gums healthy. Low levels of CoQ10 are strongly associated with periodontal or gum disease, which is not only the leading cause of adult tooth loss, but is also implicated in other conditions including cardiovascular disease.


7. It may help protect against breast cancer. Numerous studies and clinical trials show that keeping blood levels of the coenzyme high can be of significant benefit to cancer patients and could possibly play a role in reducing the risk of beast, colon, kidney, and other types of cancer.


8. It helps keep hearts strong and provides protection against heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in women. Clinical studies have proved that keeping high levels of CoQ10 improves cardiac function and reduces the risk of heart disease. It can also shorten the recovery time for heart surgery patients.


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L-Theanine – The Natural Remedy for Anxiety Relief

Close up fresh tea leaves in morning sunlight.

L-Theanine, effortlessly occurring having inexperienced tea leaf, shows effective found in dealing with anxiety symptoms and simply offering nervousness aid

Anxiety is now that a city because of intensive worry, chaos, uneasiness, and stress because of fear including excellent dreamed or even a actual likely time to come event. Nervousness might be both bodily on top of that in your mind devastating to be able to all the Anxiousness human with allergies’s life. Anxiousness is often sub-categorized according to the focus as to the defined threat. There is web 2 anxiety, broken relationships nervousness, dating anxiousness, performance anxiousness, math concepts anxiousness, etc. Constant worry as well anxiety usually transfer wrist regarding palm as well may end up in anxiety depression of the individual is powerless that would obtain each anxiety help.

There are a selection of zero-nervousness therapies to think about present in eliminating anxiety. Because of individuals, nervousness medications prove turn out to be one specific source of tension relief. Other’s prefer not to have any other with your anti-nervousness drugs and go for more natural solutions towards nervousness management. Those may include plant based remedies in order for anxiousness, chinese medicine nervousness treatments, nervousness nutritional vitamins, aromatherapy for the anxiousness relief, finally a hypnotic approach offers you provides turned out to be useful defeating anxiety.

This text takes up the perhaps slight recognized amino p L-Theanine equally a very natural treatment regarding anxiousness relief.

It is ordinarily a unique cost free type amino acid solution found solely in the teas grow crops combined with in the weeds Xerocomus badius and as well, certain sorts of a genus Camellia, C. japonica and then C. sasanqua. Usually lovers with inexperienced herbal tea ebook a feeling for stillness in which really feel after ingesting a cup of or two regardless that green toy tea is estimated at more than half each of our caffeine containing drinks with regards to coffee. That is as a result of high L-Theanine content.

Along with reducing anxiety symptoms, studies possess shown that it could also be effective while promoting focus, promoting this particular body’s defense mechanisms setup, improving learning performance, decreasing body pressure, rising sourcing of predominantly this particular inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, plus increasing brain dopamine ranges amongst other optimistic advantages via not at all recognized downside.

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Gingko Biloba for Boosting Memory

It is believed that Ginkgo biloba has been on the earth for more than 200 million years. There has been a lot of scientific research with this medicinal tree that has revealed that this plant does have some special benefits to offer.

Ginkgo biloba is a common cure for many problems used frequently in Chinese traditional medicine. Other than improving the functioning of the human brain, Ginkgo is also found very effective in treating respiratory problems. There are many other medical applications that Ginkgo is used in and the availability of this medicinal plant in some form in almost every pharmacy across U.S testifies to its immense popularity among the people. One interesting fact about Ginkgo biloba is that, during the war, these trees were the only ones still standing after the atomic bombs wrecked destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


How is it Used?

The leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree are its most commonly used parts for medicinal purposes. The green leaves are also dried and processed to produce different kinds of medicines. In ancient times, it is believed that Chinese royals consumed the nuts and leaves of the Ginkgo biloba to keep healthy.


What are its Benefits?

In general, Ginkgo biloba is said to be an effective anti oxidant and its positive effects on free radicals has made it a most popular treatment method to deal with several diseases. In fact, across many countries, physicians use Ginkgo biloba extract to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as well as heart ailments. Ginkgo biloba is also an effective medicine to boost memory and improve brain functioning.


Ginkgo Biloba for the Elderly

Ginkgo biloba is believed to be particularly valuable in treating old age problems. The plant is also considered an effective all round tonic for the elderly. Ginkgo biloba improves blood circulation to the brain as well as throughout the body thus boosting mental prowess in the elderly who are prone to memory problems. As impaired blood circulation is the underlying cause of many common old age problems such as numbness in the extremities, intake of Ginkgo biloba offers relief from such problems.

Another common issue with older people is that cellular metabolism is slowed down as age advances. Ginkgo biloba enhances cellular metabolism thus addressing the problems that arise from this cause in older people.


In addition to these, Ginkgo is also effectively used to cure asthma and vertigo. Elderly people who have been ingesting Ginkgo under a physician prescribed course find that they are more alert and mentally agile than before.

For those who have been diagnosed with the hardening of the arteries and as a result of this condition, suffer from intermittent claudication (insufficient oxygen to legs and feet), Ginkgo is one of the few effective cures. The herb acts as an analgesic as well as improves the circulation of blood to the lower extremities.

By far one of the most important benefits of this herb is that it is believed effective in addressing vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In the U.S., scientists are still carrying out research to understand the extent of effect of this herb in these ailments. However, in other countries such as Germany, doctors have been prescribing Ginkgo biloba with good results to patients showing signs of these ailments.


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Health Benefits of Ginseng

Although Ginseng has been in use in Chinese medicine since times immemorial, it only came to be revealed to the rest of the world in the 1950s. A Russian scientist is credited with unveiling the herb to the global medical community, promoting its stress alleviating effects. Today, ginseng or Panax Ginseng, is commonly used all over the world, including the U.S., to treat several different kinds of ailments as well as to improve overall health. The very name of the herb means ‘cure all’ (Greek ‘Pan’ meaning ‘all’ and ‘Akos’ meaning ‘cure’). One interesting fact to note about Ginseng is that its roots are man shaped.


An Effective Stress Buster

People who take Ginseng find that they can endure strain with greater ease. The herb helps the body fight off fatigue and boosts mental prowess too. A number of healthy people take ginseng to combat the effects of stress when they are overworked or fatigued from working long hours. As the herb improves mental alertness, the person taking ginseng finds that he/ she works better and more efficiently.

Ginseng has been found to contain some compounds that positively impact the adrenal glands. As these glands secrete hormones that help us handle stress, the intake of ginseng is helpful for people who have to work with precision in a high stress environment where many distractions are present.


Improves Memory

The herb also boosts memory, which is why many older people take Ginseng on a regular basis. Research has proven that Ginseng improves cognitive performance. This herb, in conjunction with others like Ginkgo biloba, is administered to improve learning processes and retention capacity. American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) has been tested for its ability to reduce the mental fatigue associated with intense cognitive processing thus boosting working memory.


Ginseng as a Tonic

In Chinese traditional medicine, Ginseng is also considered a very effective tonic for overall good health. Other than improving energy levels, this herb also improves resistance to common infections and enhances immunity. Ginseng is found to invigorate the body and fortify it. This benefit is especially valuable to those people who are recovering from a serious illness, such as certain types of cancer. Siberian ginseng is popularly used as an adaptogen- a substance that strengthens the body and improves resistance levels.

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